I’m interested in tutoring for me or my child. How do we get started?

First, click on the ‘Schedule a Session’ button from the HOME page of the website and fill in all the necessary data. This will create a record for you in our system. Once the form has been submitted, click on the ‘Payments’ option of the website and select the 1-hr Standard Rate. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction via Credit Card, PayPal, or BitCoin. Once the transaction has been processed, an hour will be added to your account, and I will then contact you within 24-hours to schedule a day and time for your session that works well for you. If for any reason you need to cancel the appointment, it is important to provide 24-hour notice of the cancellation to avoid being charged unnecessarily for the session.

I booked my tutoring session, but how do I prepare for it?

Once your day and time have been confirmed and the payment has been processed, click on the ‘STUDENTS’ option of the website. That section contains a file called ‘What to Bring to Your Tutoring Session.’ View the file, and all of your questions should be answered there. If you still have questions, you can always email me for a quick response.

Why do you only schedule appointments within 7 days?
Most clients who book a tutoring session end up purchasing a bulk-hour subscription plan, which results in once or twice weekly meetings going forward, almost always on the same day and at the same time as their initial appointment. Therefore, if I were to book individual appointments more than 7 days in advance, it would create scheduling problems.

For example, if I book the Thursday 5:30pm appointment 3 weeks in advance for Client A, and then another client B books the same appointment in the current week, then the time slot would not be able to recur for Client B because of the preexisting appointment for Client A. I would effectively have to tell Client B, “Yes, we can meet every week on Thursday at 5:30pm, but not in 3 weeks because that appointment is already booked by someone else.”

Why is payment required before the session?
In order to accommodate as many students as possible each day, I budget only 15 minutes between appointments to respond to emails, return phone calls, grab something to eat, and/or prepare for the next session. Therefore, when a session is over, I must immediately prepare for the next appointment and/or respond to other client communication that came in during the previous session. Thus, if a parent has questions about payment I will not have any available time to wait to be paid or to answer questions. By requiring payment and answering any questions before the session, everything can be handled at that time without cutting into the next student’s time.

If I purchase hours, how much time do I have to use them before they expire?
Hours expire on December 31st of the year following the date they were purchased. For example, if a client purchased 20 hours on January 1, 2018, the unused hours would expire on December 31, 2019.

Why do I need to provide 24-hour notice to cancel an appointment?
The tutoring schedule gets very busy during the academic year. It’s often so busy that I must waitlist new clients due to lack of availability, many of who decide to find another tutor instead of wait for an opening. If an existing client needs to cancel an appointment, I can easily fill the slot provided I have 24-hour notice, which gives me the necessary time to contact other clients on the waitlist.

However, if a client cancels with less than 24-hour notice, I will not have enough time to rebook the appointment, a gap is then created in the schedule, another waitlisted student who would have otherwise benefited from the session has now missed out on the opportunity, and I am unable to replace the lost revenue. Thus, the 24-hour cancelation policy was put in place to ensure that clients still have the flexibility to cancel sessions as needed while also minimizing unproductive gaps in the daily schedule.

Why don't you offer morning hours?
My company serves a niche in the tutoring market for those students who prefer afternoon, evening, or weekend availability. I am available to tutor most days from 5:30-11:30pm ET.

There are, however, other tutoring companies that offer morning hours, but these companies typically do not offer late or weekend hours.

Why do I lose my weekly time slot if I cancel an appointment three times in a row?
Premium time slots (i.e., 4-9pm, Monday-Thursday) become limited as the school term progresses and more students begin to struggle with math. Since there is no charge for canceling a session (with 24-hour notice), some clients have tried to retain their premium time slot by simply canceling the day before their session, knowing the slot would be saved for them the following week. To be fair to other students, any reserved time slot that is canceled three times in a row is made available to other clients who may also desire that time. If a client genuinely needs to cancel three sessions in a row, they can always pay for one of the sessions as a safeguard against losing their preferred timeslot.

Why are refunds of bulk-hour plans subject to a processing fee and calculated at the standard rate as opposed to the next-best-package rate?
My accounting system was created in Microsoft Excel and easily tracks remaining hours, monies collected, etc. The system was not designed to handle refunds or any retroactive transactions. Given the cumbersome process of manually tracking down each session and adjusting the spreadsheet accordingly, the processing fee is charged to offset that time.

Further, offering refunds based on the “next-best-package” rate would incentivize clients to purchase the lowest cost long-term plan knowing that any unused portion could easily be refunded at the next-best-rate, which defeats the purpose of offering better rates to longer-term clients. Clients should make an honest assessment of which bulk-rate plan is best for them without thinking about a cancellation. If a time comes when a bulk plan must be cancelled, at least there is some relief available. Clients who are uncertain about whether they are able to commit to longer-term plans should simply choose a shorter-term plan that they are comfortable with.

Do I need to cancel for holidays, school breaks, inclement weather, and summer session?
I am available to tutor every day of the year except Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. I tutor during summer session, seasonal breaks, holidays, whether it’s raining, hailing, snowing, or storming, and even in a hurricane! Further, I have many different clients from all walks of life, including middle school students, high school students, college students, online students, international students, and adult learners who are going back to school to finish a degree or certification. These groups all have very different schedules, breaks, etc. As such, it is impossible for me to know which students are on break at what time. Therefore, clients must always provide 24-hour notice to cancel an appointment to avoid being charged.

Can we meet at your office?
I basically travel the world and tutor all students online via Skype. Therefore, my small "on the go" home-office is not setup to host tutoring clients. If I were, hypothetically, to expand into an office with a suitable size to host students, then I would correspondingly need to halt my travels and increase my rates to offset the additional overhead costs. Moreover, I find that the majority of my clients prefer the convenience of online tutoring anyway. So, increasing rates and overhead to accommodate the few students who would prefer to meet in an office setting does not make sense at this time.